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Spring is in the air

The approach of Spring brings enthusiasm for getting out in to the garage and fettling your special car or motorcycle to get it ready for more adventures.  We have new products in stock to help you with your fettling.

Engine oils, carburettor oils and fuel additives to name a few.  Penrite have just delivered here boxes of Classic Light, Classic Medium, Shelsley Light and Shelsley Medium engine oils. Millers Oils have just delivered Classic Mini Oil 20w50 and Classic Pistoneeze 20w50.  Castrol Classic Oil GP50, XXL40, XL30 and XL20w50 is always in stock.

Penrite Dashpot Oil 150ml price £4.95
Millers Oils Classic Mini Oil 20w50 5 litres £29.99
Castrol Classic XXL40 4.54 litres (1 gallon) price £32.95

So we have available a full range of engine oils to suit all historic, veteran, vintage and classic vehicles.  Penrite Damper Oil is great for post 1940 carburettors, Penrite Dashpot Oil is best for pre 1940 carburettors.  Fuel additives from Millers Oils and Castrol Classic are always available.  We have a great range to combat valve seat recession, provide ethanol protection and boost octane level.

October was a busy month in the paint shop

It’s a bit like being an air traffic controller at Heathrow, except that we are not planning a third runway.  The work in and out of the paint spray booth needed good coordination last month in order to maintain progress.

The 1900 Argyll went back to the owner. We had fitted and commissioned the new fuel tank made in house so some paintwork was needed.


The 1968 Volvo P1800 body shell is now painted and relocated from the spray booth into the workshop.


A 1966 Jaguar E type came in for some tidy up paintwork



And a 1973 MGB Roadster needed accident repair to the n/s/f.  We fitted a new bonnet, front wing, radiator grille and overrider.  Now as good as new



Attention will focus this month on a 1933 Riley 9 March Special just collected this week from Herefordshire.  Photos and story to follow.

Tim Whellock logo copy (100 x 103)


At this time of year owners like to get those jobs done that have been added to the list over the course of the spring and summer outings and thus prepare for a quieter autumn and winter.  In today is a 1966 Jaguar E type for some tidy up paintwork.  And the n/s indicator does not work.  I know it does not look as though it needs any tidy up paintwork but this customer likes to keep his car looking good.


Keep Cool

For classic cars with engines that have trouble keeping cool, especially in the queue to get in and the queue to get out of the parking area at the chosen event, there are a number of products on the market.


Try Millers Oils Motorsport Extra Cool.

Millers Oils Motorsport Extra Cool is a coolant enhancer and corrosion inhibitor.  250ml treats 10 litres of water. It reduces coolant temperature by up to 15 degrees centigrade, it protects against multimetal corrosion, it reduces foaming and cavitation, prevents hotspots and is fully miscible with all antifreezes.

red line water wetter

Red Line Water Wetter can be used in more modern classic sports cars.

Of course, if the cooling system needs attention and is not operating to its full potential then adding a  coolant enhancer will not solve the problem.  Overheating can be caused by all sorts of issues. It is best to take advice before using any product.


Running In Oil

12.2.2016 008

Rebuilt Austin 7 engine ready for collection.  New pistons and rings have been fitted therefore we recommend the use of Millers Oils Running In Oil for the first few hundred miles.  Allows the pistons and rings to bed in nicely.

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November arrived hot, hot, hot.  Brighton sea front was chock a block on Sunday 1st November with veteran vehicles of all shapes and sizes.  Drivers, navigators, passengers and throngs of spectators thoroughly enjoyed the show that is the annual London to Brighton Veteran Car Run. So very different to 2014. We were there as tender crew for number 263, a 1903 Martini. Last year in the cold, dark and wet the crew failed to progress further than Croydon.  This year the equipe made it to Brighton by 11.30 a.m. in time for lunch.

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First post

Classic-worm-steering-box-oil penrite semi fluid grease

This week was the autumn equinox.  Summer may  now be over but we can still look forward to some lovely dry bright motoring weather.  Autumn is possibly our favourite time of year.  A 1934 RP Austin 7 Saloon went back to its owner  – we’ve rebuilt the rear axle and overhauled the brakes.  We used Millers Oils EP140 in the rear axle. A 1963 TR4 passed its MOT – over the past eight months we’ve repaired, restored and refinished the bodywork and rebuilt the carburettors.  Not forgetting fresh antifreeze solution in the cooling system.  A 1933 Alvis came in for an Annual Safety Check, the owner is no longer required to take it for an MOT.

Our stock of Penrite semi fluid grease has almost run out following a mention in the October Classic Cars magazine in an editorial about what to put in the steering box of a 1972 Alfa Romeo Spider S2.  Russ Smith, Classic Cars, who purchased the Penrite product from us and has used it in the Alfa steering box, tells me ‘the fluid seems to be staying put and steering feel has been vastly improved’.  We currently have in stock two products for classic and vintage steering boxes – Penrite Semi Fluid Grease and Millers Oils Worm Steering Box Oil.  Take a look at our on line shop.

£5.00 carriage for quantities from 7 to 20 litres.

Happy motoring

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