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Spring is in the air

The approach of Spring brings enthusiasm for getting out in to the garage and fettling your special car or motorcycle to get it ready for more adventures.  We have new products in stock to help you with your fettling.

Engine oils, carburettor oils and fuel additives to name a few.  Penrite have just delivered here boxes of Classic Light, Classic Medium, Shelsley Light and Shelsley Medium engine oils. Millers Oils have just delivered Classic Mini Oil 20w50 and Classic Pistoneeze 20w50.  Castrol Classic Oil GP50, XXL40, XL30 and XL20w50 is always in stock.

Penrite Dashpot Oil 150ml price £4.95
Millers Oils Classic Mini Oil 20w50 5 litres £29.99
Castrol Classic XXL40 4.54 litres (1 gallon) price £32.95

So we have available a full range of engine oils to suit all historic, veteran, vintage and classic vehicles.  Penrite Damper Oil is great for post 1940 carburettors, Penrite Dashpot Oil is best for pre 1940 carburettors.  Fuel additives from Millers Oils and Castrol Classic are always available.  We have a great range to combat valve seat recession, provide ethanol protection and boost octane level.